Melanie | HR To Go

"I am sending this letter in great appreciation of Jeanette Jewell and my experience with Staff World Services.  I am a Human Resources Consultant with HR to Go; I do a great deal of work with non-profit and for profit organizations in the area.  I have reached out to Jeanette on a number of occasions since she started with Staff World Services. Jeanette is so helpful and knowledgeable and is a delight to work with.  She is always ready to provide assistance with any of the staffing needs of my clients and I am thrilled to report that this has resulted in several permanent hires of the temporary employees Jeanette found for us.  Regardless of the urgency of my request or the specialized nature of the position, Jeanette always has a can-do attitude and follows through on things quickly, thoroughly and always with great professionalism.  I have received several compliments from my clients of their experience with Jeanette and the placements she has made.  HR to Go takes professional referrals very seriously and I am proud to recommend Jeanette’s services to any of my clients. She is a great asset to your organization and a wonderful example of excellent customer service."


"Jeanette from Staff World has truly given our organization so much support through the amazingly qualified candidates you consistently bring us. You always go above and beyond with some of our craziest of requests. We could not ask for a better partner. I truly want to thank you for making my job so much easier."


"I was fortunate enough to meet Jeanette from Staff World after I applied for a position with her company. She reached out and said the position was filled, BUT she had a temporary assignment that she thought I would be perfect for. I interviewed that week and started the next day! I ended up getting a permanent position with that company shortly after. As result, I worked with Jeanette on the temporary assignments. She is a fabulous “match maker” and works tirelessly to get the job done. Jeanette is great at communication and I recommend her to anyone and everyone!"

Dustin Smith

"Meeting Jeanette from Staff World changed my life!!! If your having trouble finding a job, she is the one to go to! I worked with her for over 2 years and she helped me get several jobs. At first I was just looking for jobs to get me by until I found my career, but once I told her I was looking for a permanent position, she found one for me! I couldn’t ask for a better job than I have now, and I can’t thank her enough! Amazing connection and person to have on your side if your looking for a new career or a change of pace with your job. Can’t recommend her enough!"